Little Rock-based fast up and comer Brady Cagle, stage name Flintwick, is poised to create major waves in the electronic music scene. With 7 years under his belt of producing, his beats are nothing short of completely unique, engaging, and very intelligently written. He recently played Highberry Music Festival in Eureka Springs, AR with an impromptu late night set following Jade Cicada where he unleashed a bevy of original tunes, each more impressive than the last. His newest track Levitations has been getting lots of attention in the short time it has been out and is a major step forward for Cagle in establishing his sound to the world.

When you flip on this track, it’s a journey into a crisp and evolving soundscape, with funky sounds coming at you from all directions in such a way that leaves you clawing to know what is coming next. 

We were so stoked to get to chat with Cagle about his Flintwick project and where he’s heading with it. Here at Vibes, we see one direction: up.  

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VCC:   I love the name Flintwick. What made you choose it?

Flintwick:   After about two years of really defining my sound, I began searching for possible names that would match the odd emotion I try to cast with my music; something whimsical and almost onomatopoeic. I concluded with Flintwick, which coincidentally has the double meaning of being a fire starter.

VCC:   You seem like you’ve been at this for a while. How long have you been producing?

Flintwick:   I’ve been producing off and on for about seven years now, but as far as serious production goes, about two years. I began learning how to use FL studios in 7th grade, around the time dubstep became big in the US. I spent a few years producing amateur EDM/ learning the basics about music production until my music taste shifted and I dropped electronic music entirely. I picked up the mandolin and focussed on learning the theory behind music. Flash forward a few more years and electronic music made its way back into my life and I began producing at a more advance level with Ableton Live. Thus, Flintwick was born.


VCC:   We’ve known you to incorporate a rather technical set up during some performances in the past. How many instruments do you play,  and where do you see that all fitting in the the future?

Flintwick:   I play a plethora of different instruments including the mandolin, keyboard, sitar, dobro, bass, harp, banjo, and just started the violin! In my past performances as just Brady Cagle, I would live loop and play a few instruments at once, running through a hardware-only loop station. After doing that for a few years, it feels really nice to be able to just trigger clips and twist effect knobs. I may incorporate live instrumentation in my Flintwick show in the future, but for now I like to keep the fidelity of my tracks; I want people to really feel the sounds I pour my heart, soul, and hours of time into. So for now, my main focus with live instrumentation is directed to my funk/fusion band, Deep Sequence, where I play keys/synth.

VCC:   Who are some of your biggest influences?

Flintwick:   My biggest influences in music as a whole include Victor Wooten, Phish, Herbie Hancock, Talking Heads, Tauk, David Grisman, Bela Fleck, Gentle Giant, and Les Claypool.

As far as sound design and electronic production, my main influences are Spoonbill, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Mr. Bill, Aether, Kido Yoji, and Tipper.

VCC:   What is a dream event / venue you would love to play someday?

Flintwick:   I would absolutely love to play at Envision festival in Costa Rica. It would be a dream come true to perform on the stage designed by Zebbler Studios.  As far as specific venues, Red Rocks, The Gorge, or really any beautiful natural amphitheater would be stellar.

VCC:   How would you describe your vibe?

Flintwick:   Funky, glitchy, and wonky, with a dash of gangster.

You can follow Flintwick at…




Flintwick will be bringing the vibes this weekend for the final Summer installment of Last Sunday! 

Last Sunday at George’s Majestic

Location: George’s Majestic Lounge

When: July 30 // Doors @ 9 pm

+18 // $5

Check out Flintwick’s latest track ‘Levitations’ below!


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