One year ago on December 7th, 2016, Space Jesus rolled through Fayetteville to play at George’s Majestic Lounge for the first time.


With some (inter)stellar support by Yheti, ИO.F^CES and Domewrekka, local bass music fans died and went to space bass heaven.


It was promised that more weird, wonky bass music was going to continue coming through George’s in 2017, and that promise came through in a heavy way.


Early in 2017 our prayers came true, the one and only G Jones came to Fayetteville with Yheti, Sayer and local no.faces.  This summer, The Widdler also rolled on through with local support from no.faces & NUGSTUFR.  Later in the year Space Jesus landed again on his Morphed Tour with Esseks, Digital Ethos and local favorite AttA.  On Halloween we had the slime punk bass master Bleep Bloop with heavyweight openers um.., sumthin sumthin and no.faces.

Next up, on January 24th Datsik will be hittin’ George’s Majestic on his Ninja Nation tour featuring the audio assassins Space Jesus (for his third Fayetteville performance) Riot Ten and Wooli.  The wobble masters, Ganja White Night, will also be making a debut stop February 28th.


What more wonky bass music is in store for us in 2018?  We will soon see.

For now, check out ИO.F^CES’s opening set from last year’s legendary Space Jesus show.


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