The air has been buzzing with energy here at the Vibes Creation Co headquarters as we decompress from Backwoods Music Festival and prepare for our inaugural Last Sunday at George’s Majestic◢ April of the season. In order to welcome in our monthly gathering properly, we set Fayetteville up with a lineup stacked with some familiar favorites.

We have one of Social Club’s OG DJ’s PETRI, who has been in the shadows as of late that will be blessing us with his popular prehistoric bass sets, NUGSTUFR who has been unleashing the flame with multiple singles and monthly mixes appropriately dubbed ‘Sonic Smokeout Sessions,’ and no.faces who returns after a brief hiatus and an impressive performance at this year’s Backwoods Music Festival.  We also have live painting performed by LunaLux Art, Chris D’andrea and Evelyn Sosa.

Most notably, kicking off the night we have up-and-coming local artist Josh Dorsey, otherwise known as Lethal Cortex, who just put out his EP ‘Mindful Extraction’ at the beginning of this month. With impressive bass structure and glitches and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, his debut EP is a definite treat for the ears. This week we got the opportunity to sit down with the producer to talk to him a little about what makes him the artist he is and what kind of artist he wants to be.


logoblack: Congratulations on the release of your EP ‘Mindful Extraction’! You’ve been performing in the Fayetteville scene for a while now. Tell us a little bit about where you are from and how you got to be here.

Lethal Cortex: Well I am originally from Phoenix, AZ, however I moved to NWA at the age of 12. After graduation I joined the military, and I finished my contract in 2015. My plan leaving necessarily wasn’t to become a music producer, but life threw me around enough to where I decided to focus on doing what I love rather than doing what was expected of me. Shortly afterwards, I met some amazing people in the Fayetteville underground DJ scene, and have slowly progressed from there.

logoblack: How has that development influenced the way you produce your music?

LC: Thankfully, the people that have put me under their wing, to include Oscar Torres, Aaron Spence, Patrick Smith, Jon Jackson, and Zac Edwards just to name a few, have been so kind and helpful. Learning the ins-and-outs the right way, and the do’s and don’ts, has helped shape me into the artist that I am today. I can’t imagine how lost and behind I would be if it wasn’t for those supporting me. Everything I am is because of those who have helped me develop.

logoblack: What is the meaning/inspiration behind the name ‘Lethal Cortex?.

LC: The short answer: I’ve always been fascinated with the brain. How can something that’s just made of mostly water and fat paint this beautiful picture for us? It heals itself, it learns, it can create beautiful art. And yet, a simple optical illusion created by a child can completely throw it off. Basically trusting in your senses to paint you a definitive reality, can be quite lethal. You are so much more than just your brain, so don’t let it fool you.

logoblack: How would you describe your music to someone who may not have listened to it yet?

LC: This is a fantastic question. I have a very hard time describing music in general. I would like to say that it’s a mix between dark and weird bass, blended with that ever so slightly goop sound you get after a five course Taco Bell Marathon. Seriously though, if one was to ask me that question, I would just give them a pair of headphones and say tell me what you think.

logoblack: What sound/theme did you have in mind when working on this EP?

LC: The honest answer to this question is none. Anyone who knows me knows that my mind is completely random. I am all over the place all the time. I wanted to extract a little bit of that randomness into a way we all can experience. I never want to have a specific sound, my brain is just too jumpy to stick to one topic.

logoblack: Did you use any unique sampling/production techniques for this EP?

LC: I don’t know about unique, but I’m very proud with my sound design on all of my tracks. Besides my Relapse track which was created using a manipulation of Gravitas samples for a production competition, all of my other tracks I used original sound design. Except for the basic samples such as hi-hats,kick drums, and snares, most every sound you hear in my tracks I created myself. That’s something I can say I’m very proud of. I’m still very new to sound design though, but creating my own unique sound is a lot of fun.

logoblack: What goals do you have for yourself and your music?

LC: Just to keep making it. Nothing calms me or makes me feel more at home than when I’m making music. All of my stress, anxiety, and fear disappear when I’m in the middle of making music. If others dig what I’m making, then that’s always a bonus too.

logoblack: Who is your dream artist that you would like to collaborate with?

LC: I would have to say G Jones. I would love to just watch him create. He is some of the most interesting soundesign I’ve ever heard of, and you never know what to expect.

logoblack: What do you have in store for your set for this month’s Last Sunday?

LC: Lots of love, bass, and smiles!

You can find Lethal Cortex’s EP ‘Mindful Extraction’ below and be sure to catch his set this Sunday, April 29th at George’s Majestic Lounge at 8PM.


Stay in tune with Vibes Creation Co for more blog updates, news, events, and all things music. See you all Sunday!  – logoblack

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