Mid-last week, Gravitas Recordings and Arkansas’ own Fractal Sky released his new single “Perseverance” as a preview for his upcoming downtempo EP (release date TBD).

This is his fifth single release on Gravitas since 2013. Both whimsical and daunting, the track features fleeting trills and glitches blended seamlessly into deep-hitting sub bass chains that can be summed up in no other way than purely metaphysical. His artist logo, which features four circles–meant to represent the four elements–intertwining to form a centrical eye, perfectly encaptures what it means to persevere and keep going through whatever weather life puts you through.

The past few years we’ve watched in anticipation as Fractal Sky continued to explore the far reaches of his sounds, hinting at new creative ventures as he expands his studio. His Backwoods set teased us with peeks of ambient, downtempo, and uptempo tracks, so we can be sure to expect a healthy amount material released from him in the coming year. Be sure to check out his new single on Soundcloud and catch his opening set for Somatoast at George’s Majestic Lounge on June 8th.  


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