Vibes Creation Co is gearing up for its final installment of Last Sunday for the 2018 calendar year—a bit of a bitter sweetness, indeed. Since April, Last Sunday has been the monthly social to be relied upon as a ceremonious release and decompression from our real-time grinds. A place to meet and mingle with friends—discussing, sharing, laughing amongst each other within a procreative space.

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Looking back on Last Sunday 2018 in remembrance, many fond memories of much fun had come in waves. Starting with the opening of the season— featuring two Fayetteville locals working to solidify initiatives in rebranding (AttA > jonteal and no.faces > of faces) April felt much like a month of fresh starts and new embarkments.


As May, June, and July rolled through—so too did Austin, TX locals Somatoast, Drrtywulvz, and Mindex, respectively—things got super saucy. May’s edition featuring Somatoast had some of the best sound that I’ve ever heard come from a system inside of George’s Majestic Lounge.


June brought us Drrtywulvz, who was nothing short of a joy to have around for a few nights. He was kind, open-hearted, and hilarious every time we interacted — we absolutely loved his time here with us. May and June also brought Last Sunday to the back space of George’s for its first time in what felt like a bit of a beta-testing. It was nice to catch a small glimpse at what is conceivably possible as we move forward; not to mention all the extra space to cut rugs.


July’s Mindex show is fresh on the mind, making the memories and ideas more challenging to capture in words. What is known is that the place was packed out, the vibe was on point, the production was great, the music was incredible, surrounded by friends and loved ones—essentially anything one could ask for in a monthly social was right there. It was incredible!


Moving on from the brain-scrambler that Mindex served us, the focus shifts to the end of August. We have reeled in an exceptionally talented cast from the local bass music pool.


Sekoyah will be kicking the evening off, a talented local who is extremely passionate about production and sound design—expect a showcase of predominantly original sound and a very experimental approach to sound design from his set. Following is a ‘back to back’ by long outstanding representatives of their respective bass music communities, Domewrekka and Noizmekka. Everybody should be excited for this because they both have great taste and haven’t played together in a spell despite being long-acquainted— expect it to create a lot of energy. Headlining the August edition is Little Rock native and curator funky glitch vibes, Flintwick. For an average set, one can expect a majority share of the selection to be original Flintwick sound alongside the tempo of the set as reactionary to the vibe—amorphous, if you will. Since Flintwick is so awesome we decided to throw in a few of his awesome words he was kind enough to share with us verbatim.


logoblackWhat does it mean to you to be featured as a headlining artist for Last Sunday?
“It’s an honor! Being placed around the ranks of the past few headliners is a huge pat on the back, as they are bigger names in the underground bass scene. I had a stellar time headlining last year, so I’m glad to be back.”

logoblackHow does it feel to be a representative of bass music culture in Arkansas?
“It makes me quite proud really. Not solely from the gratification of achieving my goals, but really because my gain of popularity means psychedelic/ experimental electronic music itself is catching the public eye. Which seems to be quite a difficult task, especially in Arkansas.”


logoblackWhat are some inspirations behind Flintwick as well as electronic music in general?
“The inspirations behind Flintwick are quite vast and ever-changing. If I could find one common ground that sort of ties it all together, is dancing. Being someone that has always enjoyed dancing at live shows, I think of that blissful nirvana I reach when I get to the dancefloor and all my worries go out the window. I just focus on the tones and patterns of the music. The funky slap bass, banging 808s, bouncy rhythms, all the sounds that Flintwick is comprised of. When I’m making it, I tend to picture myself as the listener, following every inch of the sounds.
The sounds I can particularly groove to are the ones that tend to make it in my songs. Classic funk tones, trap beats, ethnic string tones, glitchy polyrhythms, etc. That’s what gets me grooving. Then the complete other aspect of my music, the more stimulation and organic quality, (including/ mimicking organic textural sounds found in nature) is inspired by the world around me. Constantly hearing sounds in nature and thinking how I could recreate it with a synthesizer, or how it would sound with some gangster 808’s under it.”

logoblackHow do you stay motivated?
“Exercise, eat healthy, have steady routines, and GO TO LIVE SHOWS!
Choose to be inspired by all the badasses out there, not intimidated.
Know how to spend your time/workflow – Sometimes you don’t need to work on the grand project; doodling is just as important.
All that, mixed with knowing that I have to stay on my grind 100% to succeed and make this passion a career assures me to stay motivated.”

Take a listen to Flintwick’s latest track, Hourglass Hustlin’ below.


Well see everyone at the final Last Sunday of the season! –logoblack


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